Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Has Dropped $10 Billion in the Last Week

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t exactly waiting around for his tax return, but it’s been a rough financial week for the Facebook chief exec nonetheless.

Shares of the social network continued their week-long slide on Friday, slumping 3.3 percent to $159.45 per share. In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica data leak — where 50 million users had their information unwittingly accessed — Facebook has dropped nearly 14 percent since last Friday, shaving more than $60 billion off the social network’s market cap.

In the process, Zuckerberg has went from “extremely wealthy” to “slightly less extremely wealthy,” with his 393.1 million shares of company stock have lost $10.1 billion in value in the past week. The 33-year-old exec is now worth “only” $64.3 billion — dropping him from fifth to seventh place on Forbes’ billionaire rankings. You can send your cash donations to 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, if you’re inclined.


3 Replies to “Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Has Dropped $10 Billion in the Last Week

  1. His net worth is ZERO to me. Anyone who measures their “worth” with fraudulent computer digits and counterfeit currency has no worth to measure.

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