Media Bias BACKLASH: NRA Memberships Up As MSM Propagandizes For Gun Control

NRA (National Rifle Association) memberships have skyrocketed in recent weeks since the mainstream media has been ramping up their anti-gun agenda. As the media continues to weaponize the news in the form of gun control propaganda, the NRA’s profiting continues to go up.

The Daily Mail reports that Google searches for “NRA membership” rose 4,900 percent since the Parkland Florida school attack. That rise occurred at a time when many Democrats, media personalities, and Hollywood celebrities were denouncing the NRA and leveling blame on the association for the shooting that took 17 lives in a gun-free zone.

Hollywood also took to social media to make sure they press an anti-gun agenda for the elitists as well.  Notorious leftist, Chelsea Handler tweeted the following:

There’s nothing like a little scapegoating when it comes to placing the blame for mass shootings.  It seems like the blame falls always on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners, not the psychopaths who shoot up schools.

CNN’s February 21 gun control town hall highlighted the media’s animosity towards the NRA, as it featured survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting confronting Republicans over NRA affiliation. The Guardian reported that one student spoke to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and asked, “Can you tell me right now you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?”

According to The Hill, a large swath of the American populace is equating these various attacks on the NRA with attacks on the Second Amendment and gun rights in general, while others see the attacks as proof of “media bias.” The result is an explosion in NRA memberships.

After several large corporations dropped discounts for NRA members, many took it as shots fired at the NRA for a crime they didn’t commit.  The Daily Mail quoted Cleta Mitchell, a former NRA board member and former Oklahoma lawmaker, who said, “There is no one. NO ONE. Who joins the NRA for a discount on a rental car. You can rest assured that the NRA will not lose a single member as a result of this. If anything, it should spur people to join the NRA as a means of demonstrating that we who believe in the Second Amendment will not be bullied by these left wing multi-billion dollar corporations.”

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6 Replies to “Media Bias BACKLASH: NRA Memberships Up As MSM Propagandizes For Gun Control

  1. The Govt throws automatic guns all over the World, yet is moving to disarm the U.S. citizens. Next time a liberal throws gun grabs in your face point that out (Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Iraq, armed trained & armed ISIS, etc).

  2. IF gun control laws are thrust upon the law abiding citizens of this nation then the age to join the military to be trained to handle firearms and kill on command MUST be raised to 21 years of age too! Laws must be enforced regarding bad actors using firearms, NOT law abiding citizens. AND WHO is supplying firearms to those cities with the highest murder rates? DOJ (Holder), FBI (Paddock), CIA (Libya, HRC, Obama and Ambassador Stevens), DEA (fast & Furious). C’mon MK-Ultra, how many sleepers are you gonna activate this year. How many people must die before the real offenders are brought to justice? It isn’t law abiding citizens or the NRA!

  3. Gun control laws don’t work. If they did Chicago and D.C. would be pleasant, safe places to raise your kids, instead of crime ridden shit-holes. All gun laws do is make possessing a gun inconvenient for criminals and make law-abiding citizens (especially children in schools) easy targets.

  4. so typical of the disinfo the msm and govt spread. the NRA is not the problem,the po problem is big pharma and its psychiatric meds. the NRA has as much control over who owns or buys guns as they have control over the weather. the msm needs to address these psyops events staged by the FBI and govt.

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