MSNBC Touts Gun Control Kids Telling Adults ‘Get Out of the Way’

Between long cuts to the so-called March for Our Lives rally to broadcast musical performances by leftist celebrities and obnoxious kids pushing gun control while accusing Republicans of being complicit with school shootings, MSNBC would chime in with their own cavalcade of left-wing political advocates cheering them on. During one such cut away, disgraced anchor Brian Williams and Al Sharpton boasted about how the kids were taking charge of their gun control efforts.

Reverend, we’ve had large gatherings in Washington. It is very clear that by the close of business today, when the sun goes down, we won’t ever have seen anything exactly like this,” Williams touted, which was the same thing they say about every left-wing rally since President Trump took office.

Sharpton, who has organized his own marches and riots, was thoroughly impressed:

Absolutely. You know, Brian, I’ve been to a lot of large gatherings, rallies, marches, some I’ve called. But none have we seen this dominated called and orchestrated by young people. I think they’ll exceed the 500,000. But whatever the number, the makeup and the content of it is something that this nation has never seen. This is an awe-inspiring moment.

The motto seems to be, ‘Lead, follow, or get out of the way,’” Williams added. “I think they’ve made that message clear. I think they’ll impact where we are in American history in terms of a midterm election. I think we’re seeing not just a moment but a real movement. But a real movement,” Sharpton added in agreement.


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