MSNBC’s Matthews: People Should Expect ‘Basic’ Restrictions on Gun Rights

In the midst of Saturday’s so-called March for Our Lives gun control rally, MSNBC host Chris Matthews appeared with disgraced anchor Brian Williams to lecture gun-owning Americans about why they should expect to have “basic” restrictions applied to their right to keep and bear arms.

Williams came back from a long viewing of the march’s festivities to have Matthews reflect on what he saw from the gun control pushing kids. After Williams questionably suggesting his guest was “smarter than the rest of us,” Matthews surmised that “these young people are very much like the anti-Vietnam War protesters in the late ’60s. It’s the beginning of a protest.

When in your lifetime– in our lifetime did the Second Amendment start taking on a different meaning than when we were kids,” Williams continued, as if it ever had any other meaning. “It began with the fear that guns would be registered like cars,” Matthews recalled.

According to Matthews, your right to lawfully keep and bear arms needed to be curtailed because it opposed everyone else’s right to life. “The question is when does your freedom go up against someone’s basic safety? That’s what the government a few blocks away has to decide. Where does one person’s right trespass on someone else’s more basic right, which is life,” Matthews argued. He seemed oblivious to all the gun laws already on the books, even the radical leftist ones that have done nothing to put a dent in gun crime.


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