Obama’s Alleged Gay Lover Comes Forward Saying He Has ‘More Proof’ Than Stormy Daniels

Barack Obama’s alleged former gay lover is coming forward, upset that the mainstream media is giving Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims to have had an affair with President Donald Trump, so much credible airtime. Apparently, Obama had several gay relationships, according to women who dated him in college, but the mainstream media looked the other way. Now, one of those men is coming forward, saying he has way more proof than Stormy Daniels.

A man who claimed that he had sex with former President Barack Obama says the media is showing a “sickening” double standard with coverage of an alleged affair between President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels.

Larry Sinclair’s allegations involving Barack Obama, cocaine, and a limo — set in 1999, when Obama was a state senator — failed to gain broad coverage for a variety of reasons, including lack of corroboration and Sinclair’s record of crimes involving deceit.


One Reply to “Obama’s Alleged Gay Lover Comes Forward Saying He Has ‘More Proof’ Than Stormy Daniels”

  1. The truth about Barry (Obama) was all over the place when he got the nod to run for the job, but the MSM and Fox news did not go along because it was in the cards that Obama was to get the job.

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