Physicist Says Planet X is Eating the Sun, Wants Video Surveillance of the Star

Pack it in everyone, the end is nigh. There’s an object, or group of objects, orbiting our sun and sucking the very life out of it. At least that’s the claim made by Dr Claudia Albers, a physicist from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and one of the most notorious Planet X/Nibiru theorists. She is imploring NASA to release live video feeds of the sun, and wants the public to stare at the sun for a while and see if they spot anything funny.

Dr Albers claims that NASA is covering up the existence of a dead star system which somehow made its way to our corner of the galaxy, locked itself into orbit around the sun, and started draining the sun of its energy. She also claims that this mystery star system has embedded itself around Jupiter as well, accounting for our discovery of more Jovian satellites.

Yep. It sure couldn’t be that we’re throwing money, time, and our smartest people at the search for knowledge of our stellar neighbors, it has to be a shadowy system of physics-defying vampire stars literally everywhere and an international cover-up.

The reasoning for the good doctor’s assertions is based upon “circular shapes” she observed in close ups of pictures of the Sun taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). NASA says these vaguely described circular shapes are merely camera glitches. Dr Albers contends that they’re a system of dead stars approaching Earth (or already orbiting Earth, depending on which quote of hers you’d like to use) and we’re all going to die, so buy a book on your way out.


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