RESTAURANTS Now Charging Customers To Use The BATHROOM

If you can’t sell enough food and booze, try marketing the toilet.

Slammed by soaring costs for food, labor and rent, New York’s bars, restaurants and nightclubs are using a growing crop of third-party apps and services to rent out their dining rooms, coat-check areas and even their bathrooms to make extra cash.

Luluapp — a mobile app that, for a fee, promises to direct tourists and other assorted weak bladders to the nearest available bathroom — says it has already signed up more than 100 New York restaurants and bars ahead of its summer launch.

“Instead of paying a lot of money for a Facebook or Yelp ad, we let restaurants promote a free drink or discount to our users” after they use the facilities, Luluapp CEO Paolo Cogliati told The Post.

Luluapp generates a digital “bathroom pass” charging anywhere from 99 cents to duck into a pizza dive to $5 for a swanky bathroom that offers lotions, super-private stalls and high-end hand towels. The restaurants get 65 percent of the fee.

“Restaurants do want to hear our pitch because it’s just so weird,” Cogliati says.

He declined to name any of the restaurants he’s working with, but Burak Karacam, owner of the swanky Pera Mediterranean Brasserie near Grand Central Terminal, said he got pitched by Luluapp and passed.

Instead, he decided to work with Bagbnb, a Rome-based luggage storage startup that claims to work with bars and restaurants in 60 cities worldwide, including 26 venues in the Big Apple.

Bagbnb, which splits its $6, per-bag fee with restaurants, has also expanded by offering commissions to tour operators, Airbnb hosts and hotels for suggesting its services to their lodgers.


10 Replies to “RESTAURANTS Now Charging Customers To Use The BATHROOM

  1. charging a dime made of silver
    was common practice for Rockefeller Rothschilds and many building owners in USA , up til the 1960’s ,.
    as kids we climbed under the stall to open the door for parents at Montgomery ward’s , Woolworth’s , sprouse ritz.. roebuck …as well as movie theaters ..

  2. why do the radical Islamic “religion of peace” wipe their butt with their hand & refuse bathroom tissue for wiping ?

    Fecal bacteria has been found in starbucks and many other places …


    Bacteria from feces in Starbucks iced drinks – Business Insider
    Jun 28, 2017 -.
    Starbucks pledges to hire 10,000 refugees – Jan. 29, 2017 – CNN Money
    Jan 29, 2017 – Starbucks to hire 10000 radical Islamic refugees in 75 countries where it does business.

    1. Your ignorance is almost as great as your bigotry.
      The fact that you are not smart enough to get a job at Starbucks, and thus are confined to dish washing at McDs is not the fault of others.

  3. What about people with recent bladder surgery or colon surgery. These businesses will risk their floors to charge a fee?

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