Should Facebook still be working on a mind-reading device?

Would you wear a piece of hardware that could read your thoughts and send them to a computer? The answer to that question, in light of current events, may be different depending on who is making the product.

It sounds pretty cool, in theory: you slide on some sort of headset device, lean back in your favorite recliner, think about sending a Facebook message, and it’s sent. Simple. Seconds later, you hear a chime, and think about reading a reply – which promptly pops up on the nearest screen in your visual field.

That, allegedly, is the future Facebook’s mysterious Building 8 division is working toward. But, surely, there’s no way it’s still considering such an ambitious project now. Right? Not after the giant Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Actually, turns out they are. A representative for Facebook told TNW, “I can tell you we’re still working on the project but don’t have anything new to share.”

Here’s what we know so far: Building 8 was reportedly working on several projects which were being kept under wraps. These included a $499 video chat device called “Portal” (originally code named “Aloha”), various AR and VR products, and of course, a “brain-computer interface” device.

Because of the data scandal, the social network scuttled plans to launch “Portal” in May, but there’s been no mention if it’ll see a later launch. And until now, we’ve had very little information trickle out of Building 8 concerning the stranger things it’s developing.

Mark Zuckerberg, in a Facebook post last year, said:


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