2 Replies to “Sibel Edmonds appears to be having a nervous breakdown…James Corbett breaks it all down and disavows her

  1. I heard Sibel defend Erdogan repeatedly- even tho Turkey is the single biggest backer and enabler of ISIS/Nusra/Qaeda on bahalf of NATO that has destroyed Syria. Corbett challenged her on it and she would not quit making excuses for him. She also had no grasp of a widely -held and legit argument among a sizble group of locals in the middle east- that the Erdogan coup was staged by Erdogan himself to justify his crackdown and jailing of 100,000s+ of dissidents opposing the Qaeda death squads infiltrated into Syria by him.
    Never followed her after her initial revelations immediately post-911. Just didnt keen to her flirty, over animated presentation that was short on details and facts.
    That being said? Paul Larudee and some SSM folks did go to Syria to monitor the Syrian elections a few yrs back. Syrian govt itself helped fund their trip- which they finally admitted when publicly cornered. When a freelance journalist (who actually agreed w/ SSM’s position) worried that this funding issue might be used to doubt SSM monitors’ credibility, the freelancer was viciously attacked by them on their chat group. The freelancer raised an excellent and totally legitimate point. If NYT was paid by Saudis to monitor their elections? Alt media would condemn NYT to exile. Somehow the alt world thinks cause they are the “good guys” they dont have to follow those same ethics they hold others to. They do. Such thinking makes alot of alt folk- esp lefties, among the most unethical people one will ever encounter.Such vicious infighting is rampant in the activist world and makes it dysfunctionaly toxic.

  2. Here’s the lesson: Vet your “partners” very well before you decide to align with them.
    Don’t assume they have the same integrity as you.

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