South Africa’s white farmers reportedly being murdered & tortured off their land

RT–Violent attacks against South Africa’s white farmers are on the rise, according to Paul Toohey, a reporter from Australia’s Daily Telegraph, who traveled to the country.

Last month, South Africa’s parliament voted to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation. That followed South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pledge to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. He claimed the land was “taken under colonialism and apartheid.”

This is normal in South Africa to be attacked on a farm,” a 39-year old farmer Berdus Henrico told the reporter.

Berdus and his 51-year old partner Estelle Nieuwenhuys have been raided in the Limpopo province. The farmer has three bullet wounds – two through his shoulder and one through his face that came out the back of his neck.

“They took my hunting gun, my shotgun, two cell phones, our DVD player, our TV,” said Berdus, adding that Estelle was praying, out loud, begging them to stop.

“They want money and they want guns. They want the people off the land so as they can go on like they want to. They want it here like it was in Zimbabwe a few years ago when they chased all the whites out and let it go to the ground.”

According to AfriForum, a group that was set up to draw attention to the farmers’ plight, there were a record 404 farm attacks in 2017, four times the number recorded in the country a decade ago. The 2018 figures are expected to easily top last year’s numbers.

AfriForum is trying to work with police and government to raise awareness.

“If we see a white farmer being tortured, being burned with torches or clothing irons, gang-raped, we don’t see any focus on these cruel crimes,” said Ian Cameron, head of AfriForum Community Safety.

The organization’s statistics show the number of commercial farmers in South Africa declined from more than 60,000 to 35,000 during the past two decades. More than 60 percent of farm attack victims were over 50 years old.

Cameron explained that the government views farm attacks as “normal” crime.

“The cruelty that goes with farm attacks is disproportionate compared to other crime,” he said. “An urban crime might last 10 minutes, but [on farms] people can be tortured for up to nine hours.”

There is something warlike in the country, according to Cameron. “This country is damaged. We are psychologically damaged,” he said.

South Africa has a population of over 50 million people. According to a 2017 government audit, white people own 72 percent of farmland.

The leader of South Africa’s radical Marxist opposition party (the Economic Freedom Fighters) Julius Malema said recently the mayor of Port Elizabeth should be removed because he is white.

“We are cutting the throat of whiteness,” said Malema.

12 Replies to “South Africa’s white farmers reportedly being murdered & tortured off their land

  1. Apartheid – a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race is rampant in Africa AGAINST whites in the 21st century. It must be outlawed internationally. Boycott ALL products and services from African nations that use apartheid against whites.

  2. It is not reported, it is real, it has been going on for years, it is just getting to the rest of the world. BTW: it was going on even when Mandela was alive. The world cheered when Mandela got in, now the are quiet on the murder of the white.

  3. I suspect that the perpetrators of this white genocide would have an easier time getting into the US legally than the victims. It’s infuriating to know that white victims in Europe as well as Africa are ignored while sympathy is showered on the invaders and mass murderers who prey on whites.

  4. AIR STRIKES now on every black village,town and MUD hut world wide, presidential palaces INCLUDED!!!
    GO WHITTIE fight or die.

  5. The white are now getting treated the way they have treat d blacks for centuries. You are now crying as if u are innocent of the crimes , robberies and genocide perpetrated by ur ancestors. The land was stolen in d first place , it is not ur land , never was. Your land is i Europe or wherever shiit hole piece of land that whites come from. Sweet poetic justice, deal with it.

    1. Its all God’s land no race owns it where is your deed? It must be from God or its not valid. Gee i thought only the blacks in USA used that as a crutch to get sympathy. The race card

    2. Your part of the problem only see race as the issue probably because your not educated and see in black and white and not the individual really sad I feel sorry for you that your hatred has led you down this path. Hope all your brothers and sisters in SA can run the farms because when it fails I will not give one penny to all those who starve to death I will shed not one tear for their grief they will have done it to themselves.

  6. Where is the uproar from the UN, and the nato nations who so much like invading other nations for an agenda? is this not a qualification for your agenda? Oh thats right the white man is pure evil and he must be removed from the face of the earth sorry I forgot.

  7. I say let the blacks have the land and when the whole infrastructure crumbles and no one is there to run the farms or fix the equipment I say let them all starve to death you wanted it now you have it make it or suffer the consequences. Just like in Zimbabwe it will fail I’ve been all over South Africa it is terrible and TRUE not fake news murder and rape and terrible means of torture as to send a message well its being heard you can have the farms but you better manage it because no one is coming to help when it fails.

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