2 Replies to “Tucker Accuses Gun Grabbers And NWO Media Of Exploiting Students To Further Their Agenda

  1. Tucker works in a gun free zone, live is a state that restricks gun and is protected by people with guns. Fox news is not different that all the others

  2. White, Christian, heterosexual, males in America MUST be given fast-track conceal carry permits as the nation’s far, extreme-left, socialist movement is deliberately targeting whites, Christians, heterosexuals, and males. MSM is full of reports and crime statistics support the facts. They should be armed and be aware that many in academia, law enforcement, politics and healthcare are talking about extermination of all white privilege! What? That couldn’t happen in America. The hell it can’t. It’s already happening. The fix is in. If you are not in the 1% and you are white, Christian, heterosexual, or male you are now considered expendable. Diluting the white, western races is the plan. See Europe and cringe. See Dearborn, Michigan and cringe. See the sex slavery of white women and cringe. See the abusive black on white crimes and cringe. Defend or die. Bad actors kill, good actors defend.

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