2 Replies to “Verizon Wants To Build Cellphone Towers Inside Church Steeples

  1. As a TI of at least 32 years beginning in Denver,CO with all the usual and now known suspected perps,I am familiar
    with the deadly effects of microwave radiation. It is particularly deadly when one is exposed to various aldehyde chemical compounds and/or weaponized fungal and viral agents as well as Lyme disease. Since the majority of Americans have tacitly consented to this treatment by accepting it without protest [eg daily aerial spraying for at
    least the last 20 years] the whole process seems to be full speed ahead before the serfs wake up and decide to prosecute these demons by all available means. In Denver and Colorado Springs in the ’90s many millions of dollars were spent on Churches and geometric antennas built into the structures. Even the already existing Catholic and Episcopelian Churches in Southwest Denver were remodeled to accomodate these antennae. Coincidentally these buildings were located in proximity to various military bases and military corporate industrial facilities. They are purposed and tasked devices in my opinion.

  2. Read the book titled ‘Stasi in the Pews’.
    This way, you can be spied upon and irradiated with 5G’s all at the same time!!!!

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