How the Deep State Destroys Education and Healthcare In the Name of Corporate Profits at the State Level

Every facet of our government from the federal government to the state, city and county level are under the control of the Deep State globalists. They create organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which, in effect controls our local politics. If you wonder why your schools are underfunded and teaching porn disguised radical sex-ed that parents cannot opt out of, I just told you who is responsible.

The California bill which is trying to end Christianity in that state by forbidding the sale of the Bible, is a trial piece of legislation which came from ALEC. If successful, we will see this all across the country.

All the Agenda 21 legislation, which is virtually identical from state to state, is the product of ALEC. Regressive education reform, out of control managed health care practices have their roots in this organization as well. ALEC is deeply rooted in the Deep State which will become clear as we more closely examine this anti-American organization that controls every state-house.

The Background of ALEC

ALEC was funded in 1973, in Bill Ayers/Obama town of  Chicago. It was known as the Conservative Caucus of State Legislators at its onset.

Through ALEC, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern your rightsLegislators from all 50 states attend and they leave their “wine and dine” sessions  with what they call  “model bills”  which directly benefit large corporations. In ALEC’s own printed words, corporations have “a VOICE and a VOTE” on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in your state, and sometimes in the federal legislature. This is how America became a corporatocracy from top to bottom. This is pure fascism at its core. But wait, it gets worse.

For a while, ALEC, was controlled by the Chicago-based Heartland Institute, and the Heartland Institute is now a member of ALEC.  The Heartland Institute has also functioned as a publisher and promoter of ALEC’s model legislation, including all Agenda 21 legislation, education reform, healthcare reform, and corporate tax breaks at the state and local level.  The Heartland institute is funded almost exclusively by the Koch brothers, both David and Charles, the former being a member of the globalist Aspen Institute. You remember the Aspen Institute’s former Director was the King of Agenda 21 and regressive education reform, Maurice Strong.  All were controlled by the Heritage Foundation and they gave America some of her darkest legislative moment in that the Heritage Foundation fellow and CFR member, Richard Allen who drafted NAFTA, which led to open borders and America’s out of control immigration problem, and Stuart Butler wrote the white paper for the Heritage Foundation promoting the individual mandate in healthcare (ie Obamacare). They are all in the subsidiary control of ALEC and ALEC is where most of your major state legislative bills come from.

Who Belongs to ALEC?

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a so-called think tank whose memberhips consist of state legislators and corporations who gather together behind closed doors to write legislation for the states. Deep Sate dark money funds ALEC, and the main funding sources are George Soros and the Koch Brothers

ALEC’s membership is 95% corporate along with 2500 of the 7500 legislators from every state. In other words, nearly one-third of all state legislators have their legislation writeen from the by this group. In effect, if you believe all politics is local, then this is the most dangerous organzation in America and almost nobody has heard of it.  This is where almost all state legislation comes from.

The Founder of ALEC 

The father of ALEC was Paul Weyrich. However, he had a great deal of help as George Soros, the Coors family, and Planned Parenthood promoterRichard Scaife, the heir to the Carnegie Mellon fortune.  Scaife has allegedly funded ALEC to the tune of more than $7 million. Scaife was connected to Rockefeller Chase Mellon Bank. 

Weyrich, a dedicated communist, served as advisor to former Russian President, Boris Yeltsin of Chechnyan genocide fame.  This is who founded the organization that writes your state’s laws.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate bill mill. It’s not just a lobby or front group, ALEC is one of the most powerful unelected councils in the country. It is the Trilateral Commission and The Coumcil on Foreign Relations all rolled into one and it is designed to control state legislators and the bills that they write.  The idea of an unelected council is how socialist and communists rule their people. They councils are task forces, public-private partnerships, nongovernmental organization are examples of this “Sovietization of America’s local political etc,  are the forms of government used to bypass the will of the people


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