Cell Phone Diet: How to Beat an Addiction to Mobile Phones and Social Networks

Have you ever caught yourself constantly typing, surfing the Net, sending texts, using all kinds of useless apps and playing games? It’s as clear as day, you have. Depending how much of your time you usually put into all those, you might be feeling like you have a problem with an excessive cellphone use. Exactly the overuse of a cell phone may eventually lead to a noticeably reduced quality of personal relations with the loved ones and quite a serious lack of productivity at work.

No doubt, modern social media is known to enhance our lives by allowing people to connect and stay in touch with friends, keep and share the most important moments in our lives. However, when managed improperly it can easily become a strong addiction that will be consuming your time in huge amounts, affecting your work and relations. But through learning to step away from the destructive influence of social networks, assessing the Internet addiction and finally developing healthy online habits, you can manage to work through the issue and create a well-balanced everyday life.

1-Create and stick to a plan for your cellphone use

Limit your mobile phone use to the minimal time of your day. It can be a good idea to set an alarm which will alert you once you have reached the maximum amount of time that can be spent in the phone. For instance, you might let yourself use your cellphone only from 7PM to 9PM. You may also try setting up specific time periods not to use the phone, such as while you are at university, work or school.

2-Track the time you spend online

If you are absolutely unaware of the extent of the addiction of yours, you can attempt to determine how much you usually spend online by tracking your usage. Consider making a tick mark somewhere in a notebook every time you go check some site or social network. Still, much more effective and accurate way to define your usage time, however, is to install a special app designed for doing so. Apps like QualityTime can help you keep count of the time you daily spend on each website and social network.

3-Take a cell phone weekend

Be sure to cut cellphone out of your personal life completely for some short period of time, like a weekend. You can go on a trip to a place where no cell service will be available. This will force you to stay off of your phone.

You certainly should notify all your friends and family members you’ve decided to go off the grid for a short period of time. That can be accomplished pretty easily on social media or via phone call.

4-Stick to a strict time limit

Use the social media websites or apps only when you know all your work for a day is accomplished or when you’re on a break. Thus, avoid taking frequent breaks from your work duties to check your mailbox or feedback, as you can become unproductive.

You might find last two hours flown by and you are still on the same place at your work progress. So, only log in once you have finished all your responsibilities.

5-Focus on what’s here and now

Mindfulness, which is the true art of being aware, definitely can help you become more centered and reduce the temptation to engage in cell phone use. Try to stay in the present with your mind by focusing on what’s currently going on, especially your own ideas and thoughts.

6-Learn to prioritize

If you have a key event or an assignment coming up, feel the need to temporarily deactivate your social media account. Yet another good option is to download COLD TURKEY, which makes a program physically blocking you from addicting sites. Keep in mind that while social networks can greatly enhance your everyday life, you still need to attend properly to your existing relations and responsibilities.

7-Engage in mood improving activities (advice from https://j4l.com/)

Using your cellphone is directly linked to major increases in mood, what may positively reinforce cellphone use. Instead of using mobile phone to feel better, try to engage in some alternative activities like sports or particular creative activities such as drawing.

8-Limit the social media memberships

You can run five or ten social media accounts together. So, if any of those are often left overlooked, you might choose to delete some of them and keep only those you value most. For example, if you don’t like Facebook, consider deleting your Facebook account.

9-Keep yourself busy!

It would be awesome if you kept a specific plan for each day telling you to focus on your responsibilities. In that way you could have a lot less time to spend on your cellphone.

Bonus: you will spend much more effective time concentrating on your current goals always staying super productive.

10-Avoid posting every move of yours

Enjoy those moments you make while you’re up to them and don’t be feeling the need to snap a pic or jot down a post about every single moment in your life. Be present in that moment and enjoy those people and events surrounding you!