Cryptocurrencies Future With Guns

Cryptocurrencies are slowly leaving the beginning phase and starting to mature more. In 2009, when Bitcoin was first introduced, for the next 4 years, there was a plethora of digital currency and medium of exchange coins. This means all the cryptocurrencies coming out were still focusing on how to make it easier to have money trade hands. After Bitcoin came out and then Charlie Lee decided to make Litecoin that was faster and cheaper to transact with. Then came Vertcoin which made it even faster, lighter and cheaper. As these coins began to pile up on each other, we found out there is a much bigger world out there than just transactions.

Making Guns More Efficient

The different use cases cryptocurrencies have transformed into is amazing and way beyond what anyone could have hoped for. The blockchain is a unique but life changing technology. It might not affect our day to day life but it’s going to make life easier. We now have supply chain cryptocurrencies that are efficiently tracking your apparel from beginning to end, tracking pharmacies and medicine along with many other aspects of our life. We now have cryptocurrencies for guns that are aiming (no pun intended) at transparency and safety.

Do We Need This?

Guns have become a very hot topic recently. Many gun owners and enthusiasts claim we do not need any more regulation or intervention with our gun policies. The rest of the nation thinks we need stricter gun control and laws. From being able to buy a gun to the types of firearms, some people think everything should be looked at much closer.

The violence that comes from the misuse of guns in itself is something the country should realize is becoming a problem. Pointing fingers at an inanimate object is not getting us anywhere. Being able to track guns, ownership and help put all that data in one central location will make things easier.


Many new altcoins that are coming out are being called a shitcoin right away and there is very good reason for that. Most new coins that come out are a quick get rich scheme that don’t ever update the network or their users. Triggers actually has potential to be useful technology as we learn more about it. Created by the Blocksafe Alliance, it is looking to put smart gun technology data on the blockchain. That can mean a lot of things so let’s break it down.

One of the companies on the Blocksafe Alliance is called JustFire. They’re looking to put special cameras on the front of your gun which will record it everytime a shot is fired. This can combat police misconduct along with unlawful safety defense.

Another thing Triggers want to help with is making the system decentralized and anonymous but still give enough valid information to fight against illegal activities. For example, you can track your gun in the case that it is stolen or even give you updates on when your gun was fired. The blockchain will give you 24-hour real time access to all this information of a firearm belonging to you. Triggers is also forefront of gun safety and even donated to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre.


Guncoin is the next coin that is looking to break out since it’s 2014 release. It is looking to be a payment processor for the firearm community. It aims at trying to keep anonymity and security to the people buying guns or gun related goods. This helps both the consumer and the business. Many gun businesses are being charged extra high fees and this is done because it is operating in a gray area. Guns are not illegal but merchant processors look at them as high risk, the same way they look at tobacco and alcohol sales.

All of these sales get recorded on the Guncoin blockchain which is the public ledger for this coin. However, no name is given out on the specific purchase of a firearm. Everything is meant to be anonymous. Mining guncoin has become pretty big as of recently though. The algorithm was changed from Scrypt to NeoScrypt making it much easier to mine along with better efficiency.

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