Dozens of Witnesses Report Silent, Sky Darkening Ghost Planes in England—Again

There’s something strange in the skies of Derbyshire County, U.K. For the past week, dozens of residents of Derbyshire have been reporting sightings of large mysterious “ghost planes” flying low overhead, silently, and then vanishing into thin air. Also, the mysterious aircraft make the sky darken when they show up.

Curiously, it seems that there have been over 50 plane crashes in this area of England, dubbed “the U.K.’s Bermuda Triangle,” and ghost plane sightings in the Dark Peak area of England have been covered by Mysterious Universe in the past.

The Derby Telegraph, a local Derbyshire news agency, reported the story on Tuesday, March 27. According to the Telegraph, they have been “inundated” with reports from citizens across the county who saw one or two grey, old looking planes flying strangely and frighteningly low to the ground and making no noise.

The Royal Air Force has come forward with an explanation. They say that the “ghost planes” were in fact Hercules C-130 military transport planes on training exercises from the local air force base. Which is exactly what you would expect from sightings like these, and also exactly what the military would have to say if there were mysterious ghost planes terrorizing the green hills of England. This explanation may, in fact, add another layer of mystery to this situation.


4 Replies to “Dozens of Witnesses Report Silent, Sky Darkening Ghost Planes in England—Again

  1. is that a photo of one of the “silent ghost planes”?
    i doubt if a plane with 4 propellers would be silent.

  2. The C130 at low speed – low altitude is remarkably quiet. When dropping Paratroopers or supplies it is very useful not to let the enemy know how close you are.
    I have never known them to ‘darken skies’ or ‘disappear’.
    Wonderful old birds, at least 60 years old.

    1. you are correct, 130s are surprisingly quiet – there is a fleet of them coming and going one at a time from an airport in my area.
      honestly i never got past the headline or that photo, which looks odd to me – as if the wingspan is too narrow.

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