Guess What Was Just Found Amidst Dead Rocker Prince’s Personal Belongings In His Paisley Park Multi-Million Dollar Compound—STEVE QUAYLE’S BOOK ON GIANTS WITH A BIBLE!

Haunting Images show the inside of Prince’s Paisley Park compound including the elevator where he overdosed on Fentanyl – with bundles of cash, drugs and a bag labelled ‘opium’ inside his vault. A chilling video taken inside Prince’s Paisley Park compound moments after his body was found has been released by cops alongside multiple photos which show (Steve Quayle’s book on Giants), bottles of drugs, wads of cash and personal belongings piled up in the compound where he spent his last days holed up. The footage reveals a home festooned in the singer’s achievements, yet strangely lacking of many personal touches, such as photos of friends or family. Sadly, it also revealed Prince’s battle with drugs, with pills bottles found scattered throughout the multi-million-dollar home, where he had lived for almost all of his adult life, along with a vault full of files, drugs and cash.

IMPORTANT SKYWATCH NOTE: Tom Horn emailed Steve Quayle and asked if he would comment on his book being found in Prince’s suitcase with personal belongings. Here is Steve’s reply: