12 Replies to “Guy Leaves His Mercedes Dash Cam On During Service Appointment Only To Find Out Dealership Did NOTHING

  1. I’m sure those techs’ have learned a BIG lesson; ALWAYS make sure the dash cam is off before having fun and cussing out the owner!

  2. Benz dealer do things like this frequently. Ripping customers off for parts not replaced happened 3 times to me. The third time was the charm, never set foot in a Benz dealership again. I took my older Benz in for an inspection sticker and a bulb replacement. They told me they “couldn’t release the car until they replaced a steering part, a drag link. It would cost $900”. Thats odd I thought I’d just replaced both of them 2 days earlier. The parts still have the inventory stickers on them. The Techs hadn’t even looked under the car they just randomly picked the parts because they thought they could get away with $900. As soon as I said gee lets go have a look because I replaced them 2 days ago and the receipt is in the glove compartment they turned beet red and got real quiet. They mumbled something about “getting paperwork mixed up” and ushered me into the lounge for a cappuccino while they “looked into it”. 5 minutes later the inspection and bulb were free and how fast could they get me out of there.

    1. Happens in all kinds of dealerships. I took a Ford Ranger into a dealer for what was certainly just a loose electrical connection I couldn’t find. They called me in a few minutes later to point out a leaking radiator hose that THEY had obviously put an ice pick through, as the leak had not been there when I was under the hood a few hours before. At another Ford dealer when I went in to see what the same truck’s trade in value would be, they offered me $1,500 less than I thought it was worth because it had “steering problems”. So I took it directly to a trusted muffler shop who fixed it in an hour for $150 with better parts than the factory originals. Screw Ford.

  3. One methodology to avoid the majority of these dealership hijinks is to get a newer car, and pull the engine out and replace with one that YOU can service without computers, servicing forecasts, etc.
    For instance, a relative bought a 3 year old Mustang, and took it to an engine re-build shop. They removed the small block V-8 289 cu.in. that has all kinds of electronic crap installed, and replaced the engine with another V-9 of 390 cu.in.. Essentially, it was an engine swap that took a new car, removed the original engine that is designed to where only a dealership can service the same with ‘modules’ and replace the engine with a 1960’s profiled engine that was blue-printed, and used points, distributor, etc.
    The before and after photo is amazing; the before being crammed with extraneous powerplant trash that no one can work on, to the replacement engine having lots of room, and you can actually SEE the entire engine.
    Now, the servicing is done at home.
    It is once again a 1960’s powered muscle car in a 2013 Mustang body and interior.
    Car runs better than great!!!

    1. A “3 year old Mustang” with a 289? You’re either full of shit or you’re an idiot. Ford dropped the 289 over 45 years ago.

  4. That video is bullshit. The car was probably fixed with dealer shelf parts when it went up on the hoist. Conveniently the video sound is muted so you can’t hear the sound of the air gun undoing the bolts, the tech hammering the old part out and then putting the new one in. All fixed, the guys take it out for a road test, as they stated. So they stop for ice cream on the way, so what? They find out parts are in the trunk, which they just keep in place of the shelf parts they used. Then the guy shows a picture of his filthy center console and claims the dealer did it.

    I hate scammers as much as the next guy, that’s the reason I don’t like the bullshit artist that made this video. Tom better hope that dealer doesn’t sue everyone involved for defamation, including this site.

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    That is already a given!

    1. The above was in response to a commentary made under this article. That commentator has now disappeared, perhaps taken down, mirrored, or spoofed.
      Nevertheless, enjoy my historically-proven response to the person who had previously posted that which could be interpreted as an anti-semitic rhetoric, despite some proven and apparent truths…

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