HERE WE GO: U.S. To Launch Air Strikes Against Syria Tonight? USS Donald Cook destroyer being “harassed” by Russian fighter jets

“The USS Donald Cook, a destroyer armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, has arrived off the coast of Syria, and is being harassed by low-flying Russian fighter jets,” tweeted Jacob Wohl, citing Turkish media reports.

The destroyer is reportedly only 100 kilometers from the Russian naval base in Tartus.

This confirms Infowars’ earlier reporting in which we revealed that the USS Donald Cook was “in position for any military action within Syria”.

The USS Laboon, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer which was previously deployed to Libya after the Benghazi attack, is also in close proximity as is the USS Georgia submarine. The British RAF has also dispatched an aircraft used to refuel fighter jets to the region.

According to Sky News reporter Mark Austin, “The tone of US Ambassador to UN suggests military strikes are a done deal. The problem is where that leads ? So many rival players, and interests. Hugely dangerous moment.”

Earlier today, President Trump said that he would make a decision on how to respond to the chemical weapons attack in Douma on Saturday within 48 hours. Despite there having been no cursory investigation of what happened, the Trump administration has already blamed the Syrian government for the atrocity.

According to the former director of UN weapons inspectors in Syria Åke Sellström, Syria leader Bashar Al-Assad had no motive whatsoever for using chemical weapons.

As we highlight in the video below, there was no strategic necessity for Assad to order a chemical weapons attack since the battle in Douma was almost won anyway.

By launching such an attack, Assad only guaranteed global condemnation along with potential U.S. air strikes.

6 Replies to “HERE WE GO: U.S. To Launch Air Strikes Against Syria Tonight? USS Donald Cook destroyer being “harassed” by Russian fighter jets

  1. you stupid americans, this will bring out nukes, you stupid people, time to kill all neo cons, kill them now…..

  2. The Neo hand puppets have nowhere to hide. Neither do their financial backers. It is either put up or shut up. Nikkita Haley at UN speaks rabid lapdog speak and humiliates our Republic every time it opens it’s hate spewing mouth. The belligerent hate spew spewed by paid noncombatants wears thin in the face of nuclear winter. Just my opinion.

  3. And Russian command has the exact coordinates of every US asset that is illegally squatting on Syrian soil. Tit for a tat?

  4. Didn’t the Russians immobilize the USS Cook a few years ago? What part of stay the f**k away does the Amerikan Military not understand?

  5. Yup, again, watch the ABCDCNCCNNFauxnews, etc, about the so called chemical attack, yeah, in an haze of gas as thick as an fog and somehow, this “heroes” didnt get affected, but the children was, when evacuated from an building.
    The propaganda skript is again, and videos, made by people whom knows nothing, apart from faking this event, and their peopeganda is so bad its staggering that I have to expalin it to you, dont you see it, use the f…. head when you watch and think.
    And we also know that UssA (Union of sovjet socialist assh….) lies about everything.

    And they think we are idiots.
    But again, we all know that this isnt about Assad, its about regime change and ISISrael is wipping the idiot in charge Trump, whom so far I can judge knows nothing, other than yapping on the Tube.


  6. The thing that everyone on this board NEEDS to understand is that ‘We the People’ of the USA aren’t calling the shots in any of this drama. It’s a small group of insane egomaniacs that march to the beat of their jew masters in israel. Unfortunately, much of what you think and say about the American people (zombified, gutless, ignorant, brainwashed cowards) is true. IF it wasn’t, why wouldn’t we take the necessary steps to rid ourselves of these vermin, take Our country back from them and ensure a future for ourselves and our children?

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