LA County Asks Homeowners To Store Homeless People In Their Backyard Sheds

Los Angeles County asked homeowners to shelter homeless people in their backyard sheds, according to the Los Angeles Times Wednesday.

Homeowners might get paid to house the homeless in small sheds in their backyards, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Los Angeles City Council approved two new laws Wednesday to expedite the construction of the homeless city-housing project and a second that allows motels to be used as housing for the less fortunate in the meantime. Motels are also required to have counseling and substance abuse programs for the destitute, CurbedLA added.

The number of Los Angeles’ homeless in the past six years greatly increased by 75 percent from 32,000 to 55,000. The number grows to 58,000 if Glendale, Pasadena and Long Beach are included in the statistics, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Board of Supervisors approved a $550,000 pilot program to build small houses for homeworkers who agreed to house a homeless person in August 2017. Charitable giving organization Bloomberg Philanthropies also awarded a $100,000 Mayor’s Challenge grant to Los Angeles to research the concept of housing units for homeless folks in backyards.


4 Replies to “LA County Asks Homeowners To Store Homeless People In Their Backyard Sheds

  1. how about installing giant garbage compactors in my backyard…..that would take care of thousands… a very short time…..maybe i could solve the problem single-handedly…….

  2. anyone who does it gets a “Grand Puba Award” for Idiocy
    What a laugh
    $75000 will run out QUICK and the homeowners will then have to pay super HIGH property taxes
    and they’ll NEVER get rid of the homestead squatters.
    Anyone who does it is STUPID,Dumb, insane, idiotic, hilarious,
    it’s like LA County is dangling a Carrot to the homeowners, and then they will have all sorts of codes required to build the $75,000.00 room in the back! Which won’t be approved until they spend all their new cash on the backyard, then they have permanent thieves living on their property
    It will be the equivalent of selling their soul, except LA County will be the “Holder”
    yup, The Grand Puba Dumbass Award for Idiocy is waiting for the 1st person who who thinks $75,000.00 is a lot of $$$
    “Eminent Domain” is next!

  3. See the able bodied young man with the Hebrew writing on his shirt?
    Why is it hard for a young man to work?
    Is he retarded? Might be, shorts and boots is either “Duh I’m with stupid” or no $$ to buy something better.
    OR “I don’t feel like working”
    wouldn’t a $550.000.00 warehouse be better than backyard shacks?
    Who is going to pay the electric bill? Water bill? Food bill? Other stuff bill?- Oh, it comes OUT of teh $75,000.00! OUCH!

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