Radio host Art Bell dies at 72

Longtime radio host Art Bell died Friday at his Pahrump home, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office announced. He was 72.

Bell’s paranormal-themed show, “Coast to Coast AM,” was syndicated on about 500 North American stations in the 1990s before he left the nightly show in 2002. He broadcast the show from Pahrump’s KNYE 95.1 FM, a station he founded.

Bell retired several times in his career, which included a short-lived show on SiriusXM satellite radio in 2013.

Returning to terrestrial radio afterward was not a difficult decision, he told the Pahrump Valley Times in August 2013.

“That’s easy, because I love it,” he said at the time. “It’s my life, and that’s all I have ever done. I went through a lot of family problems, so that interrupted things, and I was overseas for four years, and that certainly interrupted things. I went back into radio because I love it.”


One Reply to “Radio host Art Bell dies at 72”

  1. ya. art ‘conspiracy’ bell; never met a ghost or space alien that he couldn’t exploit for ratings, but just call his show and try to discuss real conspiracies like 9/11 and you could expect to be belittled, hang up on and then ridiculed after the fact. screw him and good riddance to his punk-ass.

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