Saudi Arabia to close almost 10,000 schools

Photo Credit: Alkhaleej online

MEMO–The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has revealed that it is planning to close or merge almost 10,000 schools by the start of the next academic year, reported on Friday.

Officials have taken this decision after a survey of schools in the Kingdom found that there are too many with fewer than 20 pupils and just four to six teachers. Such schools are uneconomic, as the cost per pupil raises to 200,000 Saudi Riyals per annum.

The survey also found that 9,553 out of a total of 24,000 government schools have fewer than 100 pupils each. A similar survey was carried out in 2014, followed by the closure of a significant number of schools.

The measures being taken, explained the ministry, should lead to more cost-efficient institutions and improve the education of offer.

5 Replies to “Saudi Arabia to close almost 10,000 schools

  1. 4-6 teachers for 20 students!!!!! Holy cow. beats teaching in USA where you get locked in a room with 25-40 kids.

  2. In USA they send you to their schools (public) for 12 years, then upon graduation, you learn your not smart enough to make decisons on your own about your life, so why have education in the first place? Seems like a money saver to me, and for most, they are sheep and enjoy the herding, so whats the problem here?

  3. Bilderberg orders. Canada was the first developed country to shut down schools and hospitals to save their credit rating. Same excuses. It’s easier to bully fewer teachers into spreading the same mental virus across more minds

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