Saudi Prince Books Entire Silicon Valley Four Seasons, Existing Reservations Bumped

One of Silicon Valley’s most luxurious hotels is closed to the public for six days this week to make room for a VIP.

It’s a good bet that very important person is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and his entourage.

The Fours Seasons Silicon Valley, located in East Palo Alto, isn’t accepting reservations from Monday, April 2, through Saturday, April 7, according to the hotel’s director of rooms, Ehab Mekhael. Some guests who had previously reserved rooms are being moved to rival hotels in the area.

Hotel management is telling those relocated guests it needs the rooms to accommodate a “large VIP delegation” at the request of the U.S. Department of State, according to an email from the hotel staff obtained by Recode.

Here’s an excerpt from the email: “The State Department has approached the hotel for a large VIP delegation next week. Due to the hotel’s layout and location they’re adamant that we are the best fit for their high security needs which will be restricting the hotel and all outlets from other guests.”

This move comes at the same time that Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Salman is visiting the West Coast area and meeting with tech leaders including Tim Cook, top Google executives and VCs.


2 Replies to “Saudi Prince Books Entire Silicon Valley Four Seasons, Existing Reservations Bumped

  1. The US peasants are going to have to learn to acquiesce to their betters, e.g. billionaire tyrants who lavish payoffs on government and business interests.

    1. The Saudi Prince was in Las Vegas on the night of the Mandalay Massacre. Alternative news reported that the Prince may have been a target, but this was thwarted early on, w/ the Prince on CCTV being led quickly out of the building
      Anyone planning to attend open air events or an event with large crowds where this venue is occurring should perhaps make other plans based on the previous Modus Operandi of past False Flags.
      & let me guess; I’ll bet there’s a DHS / LE Exercise scheduled for the same time and date!

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