Sheriff of Deadliest Dept in US Says His Deputies Have Financial Incentive to “Kill” People

Matt Agorist–The sheriff of Kern County, Donny Youngblood is on the defensive this month after a local police union released a video in which he states it is “better financially” for law enforcement officers to kill suspects than to injure them.

According to KCDOA (Kern County Detention Officers Association), the union who released the video, the footage is from an endorsement interview with then Sheriff candidate Donny Youngblood.

In a Facebook post this week, the union threw the sheriff under the bus, noting:

The Kern County Detention Officers Association (KCDOA) believes that the Kern County Sheriff’s Office is in desperate need of positive changes for the betterment of all of Kern County citizens. Your Detentions Deputies know it is time to elect a new Sheriff who will bring a fresh approach and new ideas to tackle long standing issues facing department administration.

Recently, KCDOA reviewed archived video of an endorsement consideration interview with then Sheriff candidate Donny Youngblood prior to his first term in office.

In responding to a question posed to him regarding specific areas of Deputy training, Donny Youngblood said, “When a guy makes a bad shoot on somebody and kills them, $3 million dollars and the family goes away.” He continues, “When a deputy shoots somebody, which way is better financially? To cripple them or kill them for the county?”

An off camera interview attendee states, “Kill them.”

Donny Youngblood replies, “Absolutely, because if you cripple them you have to take care of them for life and that cost goes way up.”

This sheriff stands behind his claims too. According to a five-part series by The Guardian, covering police killings in 2015, Kern County’s deputies and police officers are “America’s deadliest police.

According to the data, the county had more people killed by law enforcement officers per capita than any other U.S. county. Six of the 13 people killed by law enforcement that year died at the hands of Bakersfield city police officers.

As the AJC points out, “in that same time frame, nine people were killed by New York police officers in a city with nearly 10 times the residents of Kern County, which had a population of just under 875,000 in 2015. The New York Police Department also had 23 times the police officers patrolling the streets than Kern County did.”

What’s more, the ACLU also found similar violent tendencies. In a November 2017 report, the ACLU found that “both KCSO and BPD have engaged in patterns and practices that violate civil rights. KCSO and BPD officers have engaged in patterns of excessive force—including shooting and beating to death unarmed individuals and deploying canines to attack and injure— as well as a practice of filing intimidating or retaliatory criminal charges against individuals they subject to excessive force. Deficient oversight and accountability structures have allowed law enforcement misconduct to go unchecked and in some cases escalate.”

Chris Ashley, a director of the police association, told the Guardian that the group was “disgusted” by the sheriff’s remarks. “But we have been disgusted with Donny Youngblood’s leadership for more than a decade,” he said.

However, they knew this video existed for years, yet they chose not to release it until this year—coincidentally, as the sheriff seeks re-election.

Although the release of this video is an obvious attempt to smear a political opponent, it does provide some much-needed insight into one of the deadliest groups of government agents in the country. The video below should serve as a wake up call to those who continue to ignore the violence carried out on a daily basis by those sworn to protect.

8 Replies to “Sheriff of Deadliest Dept in US Says His Deputies Have Financial Incentive to “Kill” People

  1. taxpayer funded unaccountable govt employee labor unions are >$41 trillion dollars unfunded in pension debt


  3. I have to agree that his statement IS honest about the cost difference between killing somebody and having to make restitution or supporting them for the rest of their lives. He should have also included that shooting somebody in the midst of a fire fight is tough enough without intentionally trying to just incapacitate the person.

    The truth is often not very pretty and in this politically correct world, it’s surprising to hear in spoken in public. I’m not saying that the police should be trying to kill people, but many of those people could have avoided being shot if they would just have done what the officer was asking them to do instead of asserting their “rights” and acting in a manner that made the uniformed guy with the gun nervous he might not be going home at the end of his shift. It’s a corollary of the Law of Gross Tonnage. A ship under sail has the right of way over a powered vessel, but, they are better to do what they can to not cross immediately in front of a large container ship. The same thing on the road. Cut off a truck because they pissed you off and you may become a stain on the asphalt. Tell the guy who regularly practices with his hand gun and has it drawn to go F himself and reach for your belt line and ………..

    1. Officer Fuckwit has chimed in. What department you with Ken? Lemme guess… Bakersfield PD…. or did they hire your PR firm to troll the forums with all the money they saved? Asshole.

    2. “”””many of those people could have avoided being shot if they would just have done what the officer was asking them to do instead of asserting their “rights” and acting in a manner that made the uniformed guy with the gun nervous”””

      Ken, you are a tyrannical moron who believes you should have “authority” over everybody else, and they should listen to ANYTHING you tell them to do, and surrender any pretense they are human beings with Natural Rights worth protecting.

      Therefore, YOU deserve no rights and certainly not any “authority” over me or anybody else.

  4. Just another “public servant” looking at the bottom line. I would like to know how much money would the county save if the crooks took the same stand when it came to dealing with his deputies ?? Does he just give their families a check and hope they go away ??

    1. because gun owners are cowards who worship cops. the guy in the audience who yelled kill them was probably a fat gray beard gun owner. US gun owners should send their weapons to the Palestinians who are not afraid to die for their freedom

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