Study: Tens of Thousands of Black Holes May Be at Milky Way’s Center

Sean Duffy–A new study supports the prevailing theory of where some of the universe’s most mysterious inhabitants – black holes – reside.

For more than two decades, scientists have searched unsuccessfully for evidence that thousands of black holes surround supermassive black holes at the centers of large galaxies.

A Columbia University-led team of astrophysicists is the first to corroborate the theory.

Their findings, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, open up myriad avenues to better understanding the universe.

Succeeding where others have failed, the scientists discovered a dozen black holes congregated around Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Everything you’d ever want to learn about the way big black holes interact with little black holes, you can learn by studying this distribution,” said lead author Chuck Hailey, co-director of the Columbia Astrophysics Lab. “The Milky Way is really the only galaxy we have where we can study how supermassive black holes interact with little ones because we simply can’t see their interactions in other galaxies.

“In a sense, this is the only laboratory we have to study this phenomenon.”

Hailey noted that despite the theory that thousands of black holes should be close to each other, relatively few of the celestial bodies have actually been discovered in the Milky Way.

“There are only about five dozen known black holes in the entire galaxy – 100,000 light-years wide – and there are supposed to be 10,000 to 20,000 of these things in a region just six light-years wide that no one has been able to find,” Hailey said. “There hasn’t been much credible evidence.”

Sagittarius A* is surrounded by a halo of dust and gas that offers the ideal breeding ground for the birth of massive stars, which live, die and could transition into black holes there, Hailey said. Furthermore, black holes from outside the halo are believed to fall under the influence of a supermassive black hole as their energy diminishes, prompting them to be pulled near the celestial giant and held by its force.

While most trapped black holes remain isolated, some catch and bind to a passing star, forming a stellar binary. Scientists believe there is a strong concentration of these mated and isolated black holes in the galactic center, the rotational center of the Milky Way, forming a density cusp – a localized increase in number – which gets more congested as distances to the supermassive black hole decreases.

In the past, failed efforts to identify evidence of such a cusp have concentrated on searching for the bright burst of X-ray glow that periodically occurs in black hole binaries.

“It’s an obvious way to want to look for black holes,” Hailey said, “but the galactic center is so far away from Earth that those bursts are only strong and bright enough to see about once every 100 to 1,000 years.”

With this in mind, the team realized that to detect black hole binaries, they would have to look for the fainter but steadier X-rays emitted when the celestial pairs are in an inactive state.

“It would be so easy if black hole binaries routinely gave off big bursts like neutron star binaries do, but they don’t, so we had to come up with another way to look for them,” Hailey said. “Isolated, unmated black holes are just black – they don’t do anything. So looking for isolated black holes is not a smart way to find them either. But when black holes mate with a low-mass star, the marriage emits X-ray bursts that are weaker, but consistent and detectable.

“If we could find black holes that are coupled with low-mass stars and we know what fraction of black holes will mate with low-mass stars, we could scientifically infer the population of isolated black holes out there.”

The team turned to archival data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory to test their approach. They looked for X-ray signatures of black hole-low mass binaries in their inactive state and managed to find 12 within three light-years of Sagittarius A*.

They then analyzed the spatial distribution and properties of the identified binary systems and concluded from their observations that there must be anywhere from 300 to 500 such binaries and roughly 10,000 isolated black holes in the area surrounding Sagittarius A*.

“This finding confirms a major theory and the implications are many,” said Hailey. “It is going to significantly advance gravitational wave research because knowing the number of black holes in the center of a typical galaxy can help in better predicting how many gravitational wave events may be associated with them.

“All the information astrophysicists need is at the center of the galaxy.”

The research was funded by NASA.

15 Replies to “Study: Tens of Thousands of Black Holes May Be at Milky Way’s Center

  1. Black holes are purely a chalkboard theoretical construct. They have never been seen, and by definition they cannot be seen (how convenient). They were invented out of whole cloth because astronomers could not account for the amount of gravity necessary to hold the Universe together given the amount of matter they could see. Dark matter and dark energy are similar theoretical constructs invented for the same reason, to make Gravitational Universe Theory work.

    However, all of these chalkboard mathematical constructs become unnecessary when we account for the effects of electromagnetism in Electric Universe Theory. Electromagnetism is 10 to the 39th power stronger than gravity. It is THE force that controls the structure of the Universe. There is a scientific revolution happening NOW of greater importance than anything in the last 500 years. It is re-defining the world we live in. I feel sorry for scientists still chasing unicorns like black holes. The Thunderbolts Project is a global umbrella organization for Electric Universe Theory research. You can follow the exciting developments in this field at or by subscribing to their official channel on You Tube.

    1. follow the MONEY in science/space/politics all the same GAMES!
      every time they FIND a NEW PLANET at 200,000 light years distant that NO HUMANS will ever see much less visit, they get MONEY!!!
      if these DISCOVERIES where on our MOON or Mars it may even be WORTH SOMETHING of real value.
      perhaps Mr. Elon Musk CAN find some REAL discoveries in the Lunar LAVA tunnels, if they don’t bankrupt him first?

      PS: NEVER listen to or believe ANYTHING from NASA or LITTLE BROWN PEOPLE in WHITE LAB COATS they LIE!!!!

  2. I apologize for the length.

    Greed, simple pure unadulterated petty greed, is what keeps us down, nothing else but Greed, the human nemesis, our ultimate enemy of man, until that is dealt with, forget progress, will never happen, what we have to day, PC aka computers are crap, and AI is pure bullshit, they claim things they have no backing for what so ever other than Mores Law, shit in, shit out.

    Consciousness, well, they know nothing, apart from some obscure thinking about materialism, an perception so bad it hurts.
    And they refuse, or ignore the truth, we live in an electric universe, everything is frequenzys, or waves, the pilot one, what they still refuse is what we define as matter, witch is basically an an vortex slipping in and out of existence, where they rest, on the Aether, matter is just spins, interacting with the base, aether and to have the additional information supplied thru the pilot wave, where our energetic entity interacts with this information flow, and then can manifest, possibility, aka matter, matter is interacting thru the same system, and everything is fractalized thru the manifestation of information, witch is needed, to set the rules, to what and eventually where matter is been utilized thru aether and the pilot wave.
    You can see it as an trinity.
    And this creates an Electrodynamic systems.
    Gravity is just bullshit, period, an dead end, move on, and get real.
    The only way I can describe entanglement thru is my own experiences.
    You are two parts, organic and inorganic/energy to make it simple, both attached to each other, that is what makes you, you.
    But, this same consciousnesses is able to manipulate this reality, but that is not easy, the wield is an tough one, because it is you whom have to do that, and you dont know, what and how.
    I went thru Lucid Dreaming, slipped thru to something I knew instantly was something else, some times thru my life.
    What was the difference, I was not organic or solid in any from, because what I experienced could not have been done without been pure energy, you dont need to breath at all, do you understand that.
    LD is an shadow field, between both sides, but is mental, not real, I have done the matrix thing, jumping from roof to roof, etc.
    Moving from mountain to mountain, thru an spiral witch was like an plastic transparent tube stretching the distance you wanted to cover, and you can even change direction in mid flight.
    That spiral pops up when you change your dream, just look at something for some seconds and your entire dream will change.
    Time and space is due to matter and energy, nothing else, in the other side, the only advantage we have is that the same rules of engagement applies as the ones in LD, and again, since you are not organic anymore, that, is another story.
    I give you now just the basics, thats it, the experiences, will be individually, but the rules are the same, and the traps are there to, indulging is sex is one of them, an clap trap, get out of it, and move on.
    And everything I did was due to controlling Intent, that one, is the alpha and omega of everything.
    Nothing exists until you look at it, the measure paradox, and that, is an fact, did you know it.
    The quantum world is ours, its the ultimate goal for any living entity and specially us, humans.

    You can also see individual photons, our eyes can do that, go out, look up, dint stare and relax your vision and mind and in some minutes you will see myriads of small light threads, going in all directions, that, is the pilot wave in real time, that, is what creates what we live in, others have their own, but that, rests on the consciousness, ability to utilize the information, they resive to create their reality.
    Do you understand, its not that hard, what lacks is balls galore, I have scared my self shittless, but that was due to my self, my own ignorance, etc, nothing else.

    Put the pedal to the metal.


  3. Like a person traveling at the speed of light another theory no one can prove. Have we ever sent a probe into a black hole or even know what one truly is? Pure nonsense.

  4. More artist rendering because “nasa” looks as real as the toy car in space huh ? Wait till the fallen angels do the real end time deception

  5. There is a huge scientific community with a lot better and observable explanation of how the universe works. Its called Electric Universe and I would urge everyone to watch Wallace Thornhill videos. It also explains the history of our own solar system. The most of their material is on the Thunderbolts Project channel. No need for black holes or dark matter. Pure physics and no alchemy.

    and SELL it to NASA?????

    I discovered a new race of aliens that CRAP GOLD NUGGETS!!!
    BUT, they live in a system 20000000 light years from NOW!!!!!

    send MONEY for the co-ordinates and cell phone numbers. lol

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