Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days to Turn in Guns Or Become Criminals

As the state promises gun rights activists they’re not coming for their guns, behind the scenes they’re pleading for it to happen. And now the feared gun grab is occurring. Residents in Deerfield, Illinois have 60 days to surrender their “assault weapons” or face fines of $1000 per day per gun.

The gun ban ordinance was passed on April 2nd with residents left with few choices of how to dispose of their valuable “assault weapons.” Upon careful reading of the ordinance, residents will be left with revolvers, .22 caliber “plinking” rifles, and double barrel shotguns to defend their homes and families from criminals who could care less about the law.

Fines for not disposing of the weapons range from $250 to $1000 per day per gun for those who choose not to comply with the city’s ordinance. While a fine may seem reasonable to some, as TFTP has reported on multiple occasions, failure to pay fines always results in police action. It is not far-fetched to predict major turmoil and arrests in the event of non-compliance.

One example of the so-called “assault weapon” is the Ruger 10/22 which can accept magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Even though the 10/22 is not listed in the list of guns the village wants to see banned, the gun cannot legally be possessed in the village.

Residents have been instructed to either sell their guns, transfer the ownership to someone who lives outside the village, surrender their guns to Deerfield’s sheriff, or begin paying the fines.

Deerfield mentioned a number of cities where mass shootings took place, including Sutherland Springs, TX where 26 people were killed in the First Baptist Church. That shooting was actually stopped by a man who used the very gun Deerfield voted to ban. No mention was made of that fact in the ordinance.

Also included in the gun ban were semi-automatic pistols which can accept higher than 10 round magazines. That’s virtually all full size semi-automatic pistols.

Even though the village trustees ignored the pleas of residents to leave their guns alone, and passed the ordinance anyway, many residents were encouraged to ignore the gun ban and engage in civil disobedience.

Joel Siegel, a resident of Lincolnwood, warned the village’s residents that governments all across the world have moved to confiscate guns then turned around and ran roughshod over the people. He said, “There’s an ancient and honored American tradition called disobeying an unjust law…I have urged (people) to listen to their conscience and if so moved do not obey this law.”

Deerfield Mayor Harriet Rosenthal implied the students from the local high school helped sway her decision to bring about the ordinance. “Enough is enough,” Rosenthal said adding, “Those students are so articulate just like our students. There is no place here for assault weapons.”

The statement mirrors the knee jerk reaction to ban guns following a nationwide public outcry of students who supposedly feared for their own lives following the recent mass shooting in Florida.

Opponents of the gun grab vow to fight the action in court while others praised the trustees decision to ban semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns. Ariella Kharasch, a Deerfield High School senior said she wants more action to be taken on both a local and national level.

“This is our fight…This is our generation’s fight. We’re going to keep fighting and this is part of it. Change happens gradually step by step. The fight does not end at the borders of our village.,” Kharasch said.

Predictably, law enforcement and retired law enforcement members of the community are exempted from the ban. Currently, in the U.S., law enforcement kills around 1,200 citizens per year. Ironically, that number is actually four times higher than those who die from rifles.

As TFTP has reported, cops have killed 450 percent more people than have died in the past forty years of mass shootings.

22 Replies to “Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days to Turn in Guns Or Become Criminals

  1. pot is illegal in many places- yet there are no house-to-house searches for drugs- are there? even when the war on drugs has been going on for 50 years! no search without a warrant for probable cause is ever allowed under our legal system- so why would they imagine that this could ever be considered legal? it is a beta test for total dictatorship- if they can do it here- then they figure they can do it anywhere in the USA.

    1. There’s about to be a war there. And most cops won’t follow that law. I wouldn’t be surprised if that place becomes a fire fight in the next 60 days.

  2. politicians…. take oath ….. to uphold Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic ?

  3. it costs taxpayers trillions of dollars to allow govt employees to enforce unconstitutional laws to unarm the society

  4. The first raid may be successful, but you can count on one hand the number of raids before all out war with the confiscators will erupt. Deerfield is about to be ground-zero for a Constitutional crisis. Any law contrary to the Constitutional liberties and rights guaranteed therein is null and void. We are with you law-abiding citizens of Deerfield, IL.

  5. The Supreme courts of many countries are very clear on the fact you have no obligation to obey unlawful legislation. This legislation is unlawful and any who enforce it are acting unlawfully.

  6. Nothing can bypass the constitution, or God’s given rights to men, Not this town or any other, not the state govt. or the federal govt. any law that is passed that is against God’ given rights, or that of the Bill of rights or constitution, is to be ignored. Now if you have to form a very large group all in open carry and approach these traitors and the thugs they own with your money to inforce, then I suggest you do it willing to defend and die for the rights they wish or think they can take away. If done properly you won’t have a problem convinceing them of the error of theri ways.

  7. FACTS about Stoneman

    o About three weeks before the Parkland “shooting” a team from the United States Secret Service visited Parkland and instructed the administrators and teachers in a “NEW FIRE DRILL Procedure” three weeks later this NEW FIRE DRILL was used just BEFORE the

    o Teachers and students were told there was to be a “Code Red Active Shooter Exercise” on the day of the shooting. Blanks were to be used in this exercise.

    o Videos show three SWAT members in full body armor transiting through a classroom in a READY to SHOOT posture; telling students to “put down your phones”. IMMEDIATELY after shooting is heard. This shooting was either BLANKS, live rounds or a mixture and MOST or ALL of it likely came from the SWAT team.
    o A teacher named Stacy Lippel appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she described her direct encounter with the shooter. “I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets. And I’m staring at him thinking ‘why is the police here?’ This is strange because he’s in full metal garb. Helmet, face-mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.”

    o They found “Cruz’s” rifle how about all this SWAT equipment.

    o A Student walking with Cruz in a hallway heard shooting in another part of building. She talked to Cruz and he seemed to be drugged.

    o Students reported bloody bodies were “stacked in a corner and covered by a tarp.” This is ILLEGAL unless the “bodies” were dummies. If they were dummies it is not in any way illegal. The US Government is now Authorized to Propagandize the American Citizens with fake “school shootings” as Stoneman PROBABLY was. See link below.

    o Students reported the hallway floor was covered by a powder (blanks create powder, live rounds do not}

    o We have been shown absolutely no evidence Cruz was a “shooter”, let alone THE shooter.
    My Conclusion: These are fairly well established facts relating to Stoneman

    o Stoneman Security Procedures were changed in the weeks leading up to the events of Feb 14 2018

    o There was a fire Drill at Stoneman on the morning of Feb 14 2018

    o There was an afternoon “Code Red Active Shooter Drill” involving at least three SWAT officers immediately (seconds) preceding the first of the “shooting”

    o A Stoneman Teacher says she saw a SWAT dressed individual shooting 20 feet away.

    O Cruz’s Uber Driver said Cruz entered the Freshman Building carrying a violin case and was wearing a school backpack.

    o Four Law Officers on the scene of the “shooting”, during the “shooting” were ordered not to enter the “shooting” building AND to not let Medical or anyone else enter the “shooting” building.

    o During the “shooting” someone piled bloody bodies/dummies in a corner and covered them with a tarp.

    o There was a lot of powder and a blood like liquid on a hallway floor.


    If we do not see an Honest Investigation of this FARCE we might as well throw all 300 million of our guns in the ocean. There will be MORE Stonemans each one more contrived and FAKE. The 2012 law allowing the Federal Government to PROPAGANDIZE us apparently made these “school shootings” a lot harder to conduct in a realistic fashion.

    The US Secret Service may have gotten involved in an attempt to minimize casualties and PERHAPS to tip us off on WHAT is going on in our schools. Yes Trump KNOWS.

    If ever anything called for a COMPLETE HONEST INVESTIGATION this LIE does.

    David Hogg Lying about Being in school during the “shooting”. This implies all his hiding in the closet videos were NOT shot during the “shooting”. I have a LOT of questions about this young MAN. Put him under oath and ASK.

  8. corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities corporate authorities

  9. Stay Vigilant Deerfield, these dictators can’t take away your guaranteed 2nd Amendment rights or your god given right to defend home & family against this same tyranny, hold down the forts and if necessary, be sure to give ’em the bullets first.
    Could this be the beginnings of the 2nd US Civil War???

  10. When the courts declare this law to be unconstitutional they need to go further than that; they need to punish the ones who passed the unconstitutional law.

  11. The biggest confusion is the difference between a US citizen and an American. You are not US citizens, you are Americans. The US is legally the 10 square miles around the Washington DC area. This is the trick people. US citizens are persons and Americans are men and women. US states are in capital letters just like you capital letter name. Look at your drivers license, it has the lower case name of the state on top, but for you address and state, it is in all caps with a zip code. This really means that you are from the US aka washington DC area and doing business in the lower case state. Its all lies. God created man not persons.

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