4 Replies to “TRUTH BOMBS: Would war against Assad make US safer?

  1. Might accomplish many things, like world peace, eliminate world hunger, end global warming, stop Russians from interfereing in just about all things imaginable, end unemployment throughout the world, payoff all debts for individuals and nations. give all people around the world free and good healthcare, the list is so long that only a fool could not see the many great benifits of bombing the crap out of Damascus, killing Assad and all the people espically the children of Syria so the world would and could then be perfect. Call your senators and congressmen today and tell them yes on Syria and Assad. Now we thought this would happen with all the other nations that we have bombed the crap out of, and killed those leaders, but this time we are sure we have the culprit leader and nation that has messed up the entire world and population so lets not hesitate to move on them. After all we can’t be wrong, with the approval of France, the UK nations, the USA all in the same corner ,along with other NATO nations I mean even God must be amongst the supporters right ? But wait did he not say When Damascus is turned to rubble then the end is near? Oh well lets not let God stand in the way of patriotism, better to have blind patriotism then faith and belief in the almighty creator right? So grab those phones, hit those e-mails and say yes to your congressmen and senators on Syria and Assad.

    1. War against Syria makes ISRAEL safer.
      What else matters? WTFU for gods sake.
      It is NOT pipes, oil, Russia or Iraqi dinars- but the protection of the fake Khazar State that’s been driving all of these 911 Wars.

  2. The children or grandchildren of the talk show generals and politicians who advocate an aggressive foreign war should be the first troops on to that battlefield . They would soon come up with good reasons why there is no point in that war and negotiations would be more productive . Ask your own vets or parents of the fallen what would be better.

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