What the Hell is This? Syrian Chemical Weapons Lab Bombed. Check Out the Board of Directors.

13Buddha–Pulverized buildings were shown which are reportedly the remains of a research facility in Damascus after a cruise missile blitz. The article states that the RAF joined US and French forces in unleashing a “blitz on evil Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapon capabilities…”

Okay, so here we have “NTI Building a Safer World” with NTI’s primary biological weapons agent facility reportedly to be located at the Damascus-based Scientific Research Council. Here anthrax, cholera, and botulism are developed by the Biological Research Facility and produced. It is believed that all research, development, and production activities and facilities associated with the Biological Weapons program are under the direct control of the Centre D’Etude et Recherche Scientifique (CERS). On April 14, 2018, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that a CERS facility in Damascus had been potentially struck during US missile strikes on chemical weapons sites. Pentagon officials later reported that the facility had been destroyed. What in the hell is NTI all about???



Whatever NTI is, it is also located in Washington D.C. Its website says the following: “Every day, we work to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption – nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical and cyber. Working with leaders, partners, and citizens around the world to develop policies to reduce reliance on nuclear wapons, prevent their use, and end them as a threat.”

Here’s the shocker – The Board of Directors include Ernest J. Moniz, Sam Nunn, Ted Turner, Des Browne, Joan Rohlfing, Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, Alexy Arbatov, Charles A. Bowsher, Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Liru Cui, Rolf Ekeus, Gideon Frank, Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., and several more.

Its advisors include Warren E. Buffett, David A. Hamburg, and Siegfried S. Hecker. http://www.nti.org/about/board-and-advisors/

I can’t figure out exactly what NTI is or does, but something is very, very wrong.

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    1. There are none. Following the articles own links refutes that claim. I suspect the author either can’t understand what they are reading or is purposefully lying. There is no association between NTI and the Scientific Research Council. No NTI building there. NTI article linked in article above in no way even hints at such. This truly is “fake news.”

  1. Profiting from war, death, destruction, raping, pillaging and plundering go the 1%ters. War is a Racket. Just ask the American Medal of Honor recipient General Smedley Butler. The 1%ters have been doing this for centuries. Can the 21st century finally hang them all, redistribute the wealth and live in peace!

  2. NTI is not the chemical weapons’ facility. NTI is an international think tank that pushes nuclear and chemical disarmament.

    It looks like the article got the core fact wrong from the beginning and build incorrectly from there. NTI is a group that has been monitoring chemical attacks in Syria.

    They probably saw NTI’s name in a report and something got lost in translation where they thought they ran the facility versus reporting on the activity.

  3. After a little research, here’s what I’ve found.
    NTI= Nuclear Threat Initiative. The one in DC is near the White House, but the one in Syria is (possibly) being kept secret. This word :initiative” has a couple of ,meanings, but the main interpretation is ” the ability to assess and INITIATE things independently.”

    INITIATE INDEPENDENTLY….a nuclear war with Syria (Russia, China, Iran, etc.

    NOW this all makes sense!!!! They WANT to initiate a nuclear war. Thanks, Ted.

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