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The US is researching DNA related to population reduction programs, in what looks to be a plan to kill of specific ethnic groups…

Only now is the MSM covering a story broke 7 years ago, that the US had built a series of interlocking biological and chemical weapons research and production facilities, one in Tbilisi, Georgia. These centers have leaked bio-weapons into local towns, killing dozens, and are responsible for epidemics in Russia, Turkey, Iran and Sarin gas attacks inside Syria.

The evidence is overwhelming, documents, samples of biological agents, testimony from workers at the facility, much of it televised years ago and reported time and time again but blocked from American media and laundered off Facebook and the Google/Net.

Lugar Labs tests inside China as well

Russia has started to make a loud noise about Lugar laboratory, why this issue has not been raised earlier, why Russia did not prevent the construction of the laboratory?

American military contractors brought Sarin to Syria, Techwise (Colorado), a Pentagon contractor was caught through careless emails:

Now Russia has REAL documents and its intelligence services, GRU, (military intelligence) and FSB, are working overtime. I am sure they have recorded much of what goes on there and from those who spend their time chatting after work, I mean foreigners. Until now it had many informed suspicions but was not able to access so many compromising documents, as it now has in its hands.

In addition, Russian media has interviewed many of the victims of American biological projects in Georgia and is making a case to present before the international community, especially in terms of how Georgian and the US are in violation of the Biological Weapons Treaty.

Some foreign contract workers died of poison gas in Georgia, and this same gas was linked to the gas attack in Syria, the one that was blamed on Assad.