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SCUM: Verizon praises itself for aiding first responders after it throttled their data

A new Verizon’s ad that touts the company’s help for firefighters hasn’t played well.

On Monday, the carrier giant released a video on YouTube about helping first responders. It then quickly removed the video from the social network after it became the target of criticism on Reddit, where users pointed out that Verizon had throttled firefighters’ mobile data during the Mendocino Complex fire in California a few months earlier.

One user wrote: “‘false advertising’ — they didn’t list the ‘stop saving lives to buy more data cause you ran out’ feature I hear they carry.”

Another Redditor noted the growing number of dislikes the video was getting on YouTube and wondered if Verizon had noticed.

“I wonder how many till Verizon says “hey guys this isn’t getting a good response, maybe we should take it down,” the Redditor wrote.