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WEATHER WARS UNDERWAY: Pentagon warned the US Public that China has Space Based Weather Altering Platforms…I believe this was an Artificial Weather event

Hello Steve;

I work at Tinker AFB Oklahoma.

I was outside a hanger this morning at 8:03 am looking at the incoming weather on a friends phones.

The bad weather was about 30 minuets out.

In the faction of a second, the light in the sky substantially dimmed as if a switch was thrown.

There was no graduated decrease occurring in the light dimming, it was instantaneous.

My friend uttered, “Who turned off the lights”.

We are both in our 60s and have never experienced such a rapid drop of Natural Ambient light in our lifetime.

Within seconds a Sharp drop in temperature occurred, similar to a Down Draught but more rapid.

We heading inside, upon entering the Hanger the Rain started with a massive force.