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ISRAEL considers fines on families who refuse to vaccinate….

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman warned Thursday that he will consider taking measures against families who refuse to vaccinate their children, after a recent outbreak of measles that he said primarily afflicted those who refuse to use the preventative treatment.

Litzman spoke as he received an annual flu vaccine at the Hamashtela elementary school in Tel Aviv, Hadashot TV news reported.

The warning came as health officials have pointed to a marked increase in measles cases throughout the country. In the past two weeks the Health Ministry contacted hundreds of families whose children passed through emergency rooms in hospitals where cases of measles were discovered, as well as passengers on at least two flights where an infected person had boarded the plane.

“We will consider revoking the rights of families in which the parents refuse to vaccinate their children,” Litzman said, without giving further details.

“We are seeing a light outbreak of measles,” he continued. “And it is primarily among families and people who did not get vaccinated at the time, and so the debate is important.”