Q-Where are you located?
A-Right outside of Philadelphia, Pa.

Q-How long have you been publishing?
A-Since 2008.

Q-Do you have an email newsletter I can subscribe to?
A-Not at this time! Please consider bookmarking us in your browser.

Q-Why aren’t my comments showing up?
A-99% of all comments are published in real time. If your comment doesn’t show up you may have tried to publish too many links in the comment section. If this happens we will have to manually approve it.

Q-I’m having problems sending you a donation
A-If your donation didn’t go through you can send it directly via Pay Pal to govtslaves@protonmail.com or you can use the CASH APP here.

Q-I never received a thank you for my donation.
A-I personally respond to every donation that is received. If you didn’t receive a thank you please check your spam folder.

Q-What is the best way to get in contact with you?
A-govtslaves@protonmail.com is the best way to make contact. I try our best to respond to every email.

Q-What is the best way to view your site?
A-To get the best viewing experience set the size of your browser to 110% or 125%.

Q-Do you accept article or link submissions?
A-Yes, please send your original work or link to govtslaves@protonmail.com. If the article meets our standards I will publish it.